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private event-Century Club of Rochester
Private Events-Century Club of Rochester
Social Organization for Women-Century Club of Rochester
Social Club for Woman-Century Club of Rochester
Event Venue-Century Club of Rochester

Maintaining a compelling and stimulating event calendar is one of The Century Club’s most rich traditions. We come together in the spirit of friendship and learning to share enlightening lectures, entertaining evening events as well as off-site day trips that have delighted our members for over 100 years. We lean on the innovation and connections of our members to develop a calendar that is exciting and expansive for all. Events at the Club are scheduled both early and late to accommodate the varying schedules of our members.

Events at the Club Include:

— Guest Lectures

— Local Artists

— Book Reviews

— Travel Opportunities

— Recreation

— Music

— Family Events

— Evening & Weekend Dining




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Member Kathy Nixon brought her granddaug
members and guest listening about Susan
members Flora Nelson, Carrol Newcomb, Ca