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2021 Strawberry Rose Dinner

Traditionally held as a luncheon, this event hearkens back to the

origins of the club in the early 1900s. The Strawberry Rose Luncheon marked the

end of the club season in Rochester, aster which many members and their families

would escape the summer heat for more temperate climates along

Lake Ontario. Coinciding with the strawberry harvest in the last weeks

of June the luncheon was appropriately named and eagerly anticipated

each year. Members would don their finest hats, their newest pair of

summer gloves, and spend time in the gardens with guests before

enjoying a tasteful meal in the ballroom. Each member received a

rose in commemoration of their membership and support of

the club. Please be sure to take a rose from the table upon your

departure in thanks for your dedication to keeping our

history and membership alive.

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